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Expert facilitation, outreach, and strategic planning services

We help leaders of non-profits, foundations, public and government agencies to surface essential insights, build trust and strengthen relationships with diverse stakeholders, manage thorny and challenging conversations and make better, and better supported, decisions about the issues most critical to their success.

Meeting Facilitation

We can design and facilitate engaging and highly customized meetings, online or in person, that provoke thoughtful dialogue and improve decision-making. Whether it is a controversial public meeting or a small group of stakeholders, your board or your senior staff retreat; we'll make the time you spend together meaningful and productive.

Facilitated Discussions & Community Conversations

We can bring people from widely varied viewpoints together and engage them in respectful dialogue on complex, value-laden issues. We work with you to build trust and understanding, and shed light on how people from different worldviews can find common ground.

Focus Groups

If you need insight on a topic critical to your business; a policy or program decision, a new direction, a mission or vision, we can get to the heart of the matter quickly and get you the insight you need to make informed decisions.

Strategic Planning & Scenario Development

We can work with your staff, board and other key stakeholders to look beyond the next six months and think about the next 5 years and beyond and plan not just for what will happen, but what “might” happen. And we can do it in a way that builds broad ownership and shared authorship of your vision and key strategic initiatives.

Consultation on Organizational Alignment & Culture

Does your organization’s staffing and operation match up with your mission, vision and values? We can help you identify where structural and or cultural change can pave the way for a more productive, respectful, innovative and effective work or volunteer environment.

Stakeholder Engagement & Coordination

We can provide the “glue” that holds a group of varied stakeholders together, moving the work forward with shared purpose, clear goals and measurable outcomes.

Evaluation and Assessment

We build trust among staff, clients, constituents and partners, and we ask the right questions to understand if and how your program is working, where it can be improved, and what steps are necessary to move your work forward.

How can we help you?

Does your organization need support tackling a difficult challenge?  We work with groups of any size, nationwide, to achieve success in a fun and engaging way.