How we work

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Getting to the heart of the matter - with a lot of heart.

We develop a strong relationship with all of our clients built on trust and shared ownership so that you are empowered to tackle the most important and challenging issues facing your organization.

We build trust and make sure all voices are heard

HG Consulting develops very personal relationships with clients. These clients/participants feel like Heidi knows them and cares about them.

We take great care to ensure that after working with HG Consulting Group, people feel their viewpoints were heard and respected, no matter the direction of the final decision. This is a fundamental principle of dialogue, and it is foundational to how we approach our work.

We tailor our process to fit your unique organization

We don’t use off-the-shelf approaches, because you don’t have off-the-shelf challenges and opportunities. We do the work up front with every client to help them to articulate what they want to accomplish and to ensure that all the necessary stakeholders have a seat at the table.

HG Consulting owes our success to our highly customized approach to working with organizations, and to meeting design and facilitation; we craft a project or organization specific approach with every engagement and every client.

We can apply our skills to any industry

While we have deep experience in many subject areas, our real added value is our skill in creating productive, engaging approaches across an incredible range of industries and content areas.

Getting up to speed quickly in new areas and new industries is something on which we pride ourselves, and which our clients appreciate. We do the work to take in, synthesize and understand complex information quickly so that we can make start making a positive impact for you right away.

Combining this ability to synthesize with a fresh, neutral “third party” look at the challenges you face helps us to see new approaches and new possibilities, and to anticipate potential roadblocks your team may not be thinking about.

We can work virtually with clients nationwide

We work with groups of any size, from small groups of key leaders to staff and public meetings for hundreds of people.

All of our work can be done face-to-face or in a virtual environment. We have developed innovative tools and techniques for working on-line that clients have seen as tremendously helpful in engaging key stakeholders, including board members, staff members, and members of the public.

We make the work fun and engaging

Heidi Gantwerk is a creative, engaging and lively presenter and facilitator. Clients regularly comment that time spent with her “flies by.”

We create safe spaces for the real, and sometimes messy emotions that accompany important decision-making and policy-making when different worldviews are at play. We strive in all of our projects to create highly interactive and purposeful interactions; we are not there to check boxes but to engage stakeholders in doing work of value.

We are not above having some fun; dramatic presentations, artwork, songwriting and haiku competitions (and a lot of laughter) have found their way into our sessions.

Get the support your organization needs

Are you ready to tackle the most important and challenging issues facing your organization? We work with groups of any size, nationwide, to achieve success in a fun and engaging way.